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Yonesh, the Cold Sun, is one of the many would-be suns to appear after Yelm's death. He is one of the most dangerous of them, and a particular enemy to Elmal.

Since Elmal says that Yonesh is "riddled with storm runes" in one myth, it may be that he is connected to the storm gods the Rams worship. The glacier and other extremely cold places are sites of Yonesh's power.

His favored worshipper, Stakar, was killed by Osara using her flaming arrows for the first time.

Yonesh appears in these myths and rituals:

He is also mentioned in the following events:

The Clan Circle and your explorers say of Yonesh:

  •  "Elmal met a chill, pale orb in the sky. It hurled snow, hail and sleet at him, and said, “I am Yonesh, the Cold Sun.”" 
  • "Some say the Cold Sun was not really Dara Happan, but I beg to differ."