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Yelm was once the sun god, Emperor and head of the solar pantheon, but he was slain by Orlanth, storm god of the Rams.

The Rams occasionally call him the Dead Sun, to distinguish him from the many other suns that have appeared after his death.


You cannot worship Yelm, because he is dead. If you state in clan creation that your clan favored Yelm, your clan will have focused on Elmal after his death. 


While he lived, Yelm was the Emperor of a perfect and unchanging empire, and the heart of the solar pantheon. After his death, the world became colder, even though other sun gods have risen in his place. Yelm's consort was Oria, who descended to the Underworld after his death. Nyalda was his concubine.  Yelm was the father of many gods, including Elmal, Shargash, and Little Yelm. After his death, they and others have sought to claim his power and authority as the Sun. 

The Clan Circle (and your other nobles) say: 

  • "When the gods chose their sacred animals, Yelm picked first, and nodded to Father Eagle ."
  • "The forces of winter have grown ever larger and more frightening since the Ram god knocked Yelm from his solar throne." 
  • "When Orlanth murdered Yelm, he not only robbed the world of his light, but his warmth." 
  • "In the Golden City, Yelm sat on his solar throne, and the sky was solid as could be."
  • "Emperor Yelm sat on a throne made from the corpse of a defeated dragon."
  • "Yelm the Sun slew Burburstus the Dragon, fashioning it into his throne, Kelastan."


Yelm appears in Busenari Finds the Light, and is referenced in Taming the River and Nyalda's Bride Price.  He figures indirectly in the ritual A fight against invading trolls

Other Stories[]

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