Exploring to the <direction>, <Explorer> and company encounter an unfamiliar people who, surprisingly, speak the imperial language. They identify themselves as the Yanadlings, and claim to have once been Riders like yourselves. Their leader, Retva, who is both woman and man, says that their ancestors knew that the sun was doomed when their chieftain, Nameforgot, lost the Battle of Anguish Ford. So they struck out on their own, putting gods aside to deal only with spirits. Retva’s clan venerates Raven above all. “The sky is falling, and soon will be filled by dead stars and black feathers. Let us drape you in the Blanket of Beaks, <Explorer>. Beneath it you will learn Raven’s deepest truths."

  1. Accept offer.
  2. Give them gold from your honor belts.
  3. Hotly refuse.
  4. Politely decline.
  5. Punish their blasphemy by putting them to the sword.
  6. Ask to be transformed into a Raven shaman.(available after first meeting)
  7. Offer some of your magic as a gift.(not always available)

Consequences Edit

Accept offer can lead to several different results. If you have no Raven worshipper on your circle, your explorer will likely convert to a Raven worshipper. If you already have a Raven worshipper, your explorer can gain insights into the spirit world instead. Ask to be transformed into a Raven Shaman will not work if you aleady have a Raven worshipper available in your clan.

Notes Edit

This encounter is found while exploring randomly. It is known to occur while exploring in random wooded areas. You can encounter it several times and the offer may change sometimes to offer your explorers a magic reward or treasure. If you accept such offers, sometimes the Yanadlings trick you instead of honoring their bargain.