<Explorer> and company come upon a feature you’ve heard others speak of—the whispering stones, rumored to foretell the future. Indeed, the rocks seem to be saying something.
  1. Call spirits to make sure it's safe to approach
  2. Drum to the rocks.
  3. Sing to the rocks.
  4. Stride right up and listen.
  5. Get out of there.

Consequences Edit

The Whispering Stones tend to reward the less cautious choices more with extra magic if the explorer performs well. Overall the rocks will speak to the explorer and will predict a future event you will encounter. The rocks then provide recommendations of what to do for the best result. However, you may find yourself not always agreeing with such advice.

Notes Edit

One known location to encounter the Whispering Stones event at is by traveling West, just across the Oslira River, particularly in the plain lands North of the Autumn Mountains.

If you get the Zarlen's Vantage Point event before traveling west, Zarlen might reveal the location of the Whispering Stones. It's not clear if the small western location that gets revealed by Zarlen sometimes is an exact location to encounter the Whispering Stones at.