The Wheels (also called the Samnali) are one of the three major cultures in Ride Like The Wind, alongside the Riders and Rams. They are named after their use of chariots.

The Wheels are descendants of Dara Happans associated with Samnal, who attempted to steal the secrets of riding from Hyalor. They keep horses, but cannot ride them, and instead use them to pull chariots. Their chief gods are Elmal, the God of the Sun, and Nyalda, the Goddess of the Earth. They despise the worship of Hyalor and consider it blasphemous - on occasion, they will gouge out the eyes of Hyalorings as punishment for worshiping a man as if he were a god.

The Wheels are authoritarian and patriarchal. Women are not allowed to serve as warriors or in leadership positions, and all Wheel clans practice slavery. They are known to regard other cultures with contempt and still see themselves as noble elites,

In battle, most Wheel warriors fight on foot as infantry, but their elite warriors ride chariots into battle.

The Clan Circle says:

  • "The tension between our peoples erupts from the rivalry between Hyalor Change-Maker, and Samnal Chain-Forger. They are enemies, yes—but also cousins."
  • "Wheels held onto more Nivoran traditions than we did. We see their piety and call it arrogance."