Dialogue Edit

Repeated attacks from the new Wheel kingdom have stripped your clan of goods, cattle, and the lives of your warriors. "Is there nothing we can do to stop this?" the people cry once more. "Or does the rise of King <Name> mean permanent sunset for the clan?" Repeated attacks from the new Wheel kingdom left our people begging for relief.
  1. Offer King <Name> annual tribute.
  2. Offer King <Name> a treasure.
  3. Rouse other Rider clans to strike King <Name>.
  4. Rouse Rams and Riders to strike King <Name>.
  5. Wait this out.

Consequences Edit

Offers can buy some time from Wheel Kingdom raids happening again. Rousing other riders will give you more coordination but a smaller amount of clans you can convince to aid you in striking the Wheel Kingdom. Rouse Rams and Riders can get you a bigger army but can affect the coordination of your force. Wait this out will keep things running the same.

Notes Edit

This event will occur after you lose to the new Wheel Kingdom's unified raids.