Dialogue Edit

As you thought might happen, the Wheels have unified into a kingdom, with <name> of the <strongest Wheel> clan as its king. He performed and passed five tests of kingship, earning the favor of Elmal. Or so their priests say. The Wheels unified, with <name> as their king
  1. Gift the Wheel king.
  2. Prepare other Riders for an alliance with the Rams.
  3. Seek praise from the people for seeing to it that <threatened Wheel Clan Chief> did not become king.
  4. Suggest to Rams that they consider an alliance with Riders.
  5. Warn other Riders against an alliance with Rams.
  6. Wait to see how things develop.

Consequences Edit

Gift the Wheel king can improve Wheel relations but also make your clan less respected. Seek praise... can improve clan mood. Other options can changes relations to different degrees depending on how well they're performed.

Notes Edit

This is part of several chain events that can occur.

Regardless of your choice, when Wheel Clans attack you at home now, they can come at you with up to roughly 400 bows and 40 swords. They are still beatable and taking advantage of opportunities to attack can kill many in one move. Still they are a greater threat and developing better relations, tribute, diplomacy, or alliances can be useful in neutralizing them. There will be other opportunities to address the Kingdom's actions in the event chain.