Dialogue Edit

A delegation from the <other clan>, one of the charioteer clans, arrives to make an unusual offer. They want to marry off <Name>, a young woman whose temperament does not fit their customs. "Women should/We expect women to> remain demure and obedient. Though charming, <Name> is an incorrigible hellion, demanding to drive chariots, <shoot a bow/speak up in assemblies>, and otherwise usurp the rights of men. As you are notorious troublemakers, we thought she might fit right in here. We ask you to take her in, as a bride for a groom who is either <too ugly/tolerant>, or a malefactor you wish to punish. As we like her and do not wish to put her in a fire cage, we will even gift you ten cows, rather than demand the customary bride price."
  1. Adopt her.
  2. Affiance her to a groom.(choice not always available)
  3. Suggest another clan might want her.
  4. Decline.
  5. Decline, with consolation gifts.

Consequences Edit

Adopt her will cause her to join your clan. When she turns around age 33 you will be able to add her to the clan ring. She can have unique interactions with her former Wheel Clan in different scenarios. Affiance her will make you choose between 2 possible grooms which can affect clan mood in different ways.

Notes Edit

You can get this event more than once, but only once will the adoptee be able to become a clan ring member.