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Uldak of Boulderwood

<Explorer>’s exploratory mission enters a wooded area strewn with large stones.  <He/She> recognizes it as the Boulderwood.  The group nears a gaping pit in the earth, where the soil is cracked and dry. Stone pillars teeter around it. A powerful but unfamiliar divine presence emanates from the pit. <He/She> suddenly understands that an outlawed son of Oria, widow to the Emperor Yelm, dwells here. This is Uldak, the Thirsty Earth.  Uldak throws thoughts into <Explorer>’s mind: “I am parched, and must drink the life of a human to revive myself. In exchange for this sacrifice I will produce <X> cows.
  1. Get out of there.
  2. Get out of there, then warn other clans against this place.
  3. Murder one of your escort and throw the body in the pit.
  4. Warn Elmal of this outlaw god's presence.
  5. "What if we bring you a captive from outside our clan?"

Consequences Edit

Get out of there will simply leave the event. Warning others might improve relations a little if successful. Warning Elmal can have him tell you he will gather gods and destroy Uldak.(though nothing seems to happen in game) "What if we bring you a captive.." will cause Uldak to say he'd rather have one of you. Mood drop occurs. Murdering one of your escort... can get you X cows.(Default at 100) However, consequences are severe. You will have Divine Disfavor for the rest of the game. This means you will get little to no magic during Sacred Time and you will lose magic at a higher rate every time you sacrifice in this way to Uldak. Without positive magic it becomes impossible to perform Gods Rituals, and you generally will have to sacrifice more for regular rituals. Building shrines can get around this some what. If a clan finds out about the sacrifice, your reputation will increase Hates and less so Fears. Having a Raven Trickster on your circle will prevent other clans from finding out about the sacrifice.(but not the gods) If another clan finds out, they can seize the cows and your clans reputation can be hated and feared more. Even with a Raven trickster, you will not be able to successfully hide and gain cows once a later game marriage seeking event occurs.

Notes Edit

If you sacrifice to Uldak/Kadul in the Clan Member Visits Boulderwood event, it will raise the total cow offer Uldak provides. Uldak defaults the cow offer at 100, but you can sacrifice up to 70 cattle/goods to raise his starting offer up to a maximum of 170.

Each additional visit to Uldak lowers the amount of cows he will offer.

An Erissa worshipper will refuse to do the sacrifice and Uldak will not appear to them after the first visit.

You can still gain magic from treasures, but it will be difficult to gain much magic ever again if you make more than a few sacrifices to Uldak.

Sacrifices to Uldak also increase the Chaos Threat in game leading to explorers more likely to die and for travelling missions to get ambushed. (Zarlen Shrines and Exploration Magic blessings from allies can help reduce its effects)