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Osara (mounted) defends her brother Verlaro from Yonesh.

Verlaro is a son of Elmal who the Riders do not worship as a god, although some members of your clan trace their descent from him. 


According to Osara and Verlaro, Verlaro was the god of common men in Nivorah. When the Riders left the Golden City, he and Osara set off to seek their fortunes, which turned out to involve Verlaro repeatedly getting in trouble and Osara rescuing him from it. Most of the stories that mention Verlaro follow this pattern, treating him as Osara's foil and his mistakes and misfortunes as the catalyst for her great deeds. However, your advisors also imply that Verlaro ultimately became a heroic figure in his own right, though never a god. Another clan calls on him in their divinations.

Things your circle members may say about Verlaro: 

  • "Verlaro, son of Elmal, burned his crib when he was four. Elmal thought to scold him, but then saw a crisped snake amid the coals." 
  • "Verlaro, son of Elmal, went whooping at Vingkot and his retinue of Rams. Soon severed limbs lay upon the ice." 
  • "Verlaro proved himself the lesser of Elmal's two Hyaloring children. His sister Osara we venerate as a goddess." 
  • "Verlaro's horses kept following Osara's light. He complained to his father, Elmal, who said, 'You should shine brighter.'" 
  • "Verlaro was born after we left the Golden City." This contradicts "Osara and Verlaro", but sometimes contradictory stories are both true. 
  • "Descending from Verlaro is not as impressive as descending from his sister." 
  • "When Osara raided Verlaro’s herds, he complained to their father. Elmal said, “She caught you napping.”"
  • "Osara asked her brother Verlaro for help. He said, 'Certainly, for a grass-covered anvil and that fleet horse of yours.' That is how he got his scar." 
  • "Verlaro asked his sister Osara to aid him. She said, 'Certainly, for a mirrored shield and a herd of goats.'" 
  • "Verlaro said to his sister, 'Why couldn't you be a brother?' She said, 'Why can't you duck this punch?'" 
  • "When Verlaro had more cows than swords, his sister Osara came to defend him." 
  • "Verlaro and his sister Osara fought off an attack on his wedding day." 
  • "When Verlaro married Shuazi, all clans competed to give sumptuous gifts."
  • "Elmal called his son Verlaro to his side. The difficult journey to his father's position is what made him a hero."