A bizarre hag-like figure rises from a stream in front of your exploration party as they traverse a marshy expanse. She projects an overwhelming aura of malign magic. "I will spare your lives, if <Explorer> there agrees to serve me, salving my feet and untangling my hair, for 5 seasons and a day. Otherwise I will steal your clan’s magic and curse its fields."

This must be Ugarra the Hag, a witch who vexes the pathetic river people known as the Weeders. According to their legends, she is not only evil but also semi-divine.

  1. Agree to her terms.
  2. Call on Elmal to smite her.
  3. Fight up close.
  4. Fire arrows at her.
  5. Flee.

Consequences Edit

Agreeing to her terms will cause your exploration leader to leave the clan for X seasons. This will cause the character to suffer a large reduction in their skill abilities when they come back. The longer you serve Ugarra the more your explorer's abilities will be reduced when they come back. Fight up close can succeed or result in death of the explorer. Other options can succeed or fail to different degrees. Sometimes she will not steal magic while other times she will still curse you and steal magic as she leaves or you retreat. Fleeing, firing arrows, or calling on Elmal can all fail, and whether successful or not, calling on Elmal will cost you magic. Each time an option fails, Ugarra will demand your explorer to serve her for more seasons. (As high as 45 seasons)

If your ancestral enemies are the forces of Water, defeating the hag will grant you a significant amount of magic.

Notes Edit

This event is found by exploring on river locations of the map. Black Eel River is the closest river location you can have this event occur at.

Odd Benefit: This event can be particularly useful if you want to stall Beren's marriage demands though it will ruin his skills. The best chances to pull this off on him is to do it while his Combat is still only Excellent and by not spending any War, Ritual, and possibly Exploration magic. Additionally doing a God's ritual to exhaust your magic into negative values will improve his chances of failing to summon Elmal. Not having the forces of Water as Ancestral enemies helps. Not having treasures like the Helm of Elmal or the Weeder Pearl will also help. One known sequence of failure that can work would be to fail to fire arrows, then fail to flee, then fail to summon Elmal.