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The trolls, also called the night men, are often but not always hostile to humans. Although the details of their ways are mysterious to your people, you do know that they are matriarchal and that they consider almost everything edible.

Trolls are nocturnal and most comfortable in the dark and cold. Thus, they are the only enemy that is likely to raid you in Dark Season

Their chief goddess is Kyger Litor. Another troll god is Zorak Zoran. In general, their pantheon is hostile to both the solar gods and the storm ones.

They also figure in the ritual A fight against invading trolls.

The Clan Circle, as usual, has some things to say:

  • "Not every clan considers trolls their primary enemy, but they all consider them a foe."
  • "The mother of trolls woke up hungry in the dark, and started to eat the world." 


Trolls appear in the following events: 

Additionally, one of their gods is involved in the Battle on the Hill of Gold.

In Battle[]

As mentioned above, trolls are willing and able to raid in Dark Season—and likely to do so more often if they are your ancestral enemy. You cannot usually raid them back, though the opportunity may come up in certain events.

They fight on foot with slingstones and clubs, and their shamans can summon terrible insect monsters to the battlefield.

In this era no troll is truly weak, though some are exceptionally strong and large.

They will never set aside a reserve. Also, they will not accept your requests to parley—perhaps, as inhuman beings, they don't recognize them. Or maybe they're just too hungry to consider the idea.

They have a unique ritual, Gloom, calling on their darkness gods to aid them in the battle.

The trolls have a couple Heroic Combat events, which you can see here: Heroic Combat: Trolls.


In Ride Like the Wind, trolls are drawn by a variety of artists—Simon Roy for battles, Michelle Lockamy for Gods War appearances, and Jan Pospíšil for other scenes.