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Hulking darkness creatures known as trolls come to you not as they usually do, to destroy and plunder. This time they say they want to trade, as any other neighbor would. The head trader says she serves a god who encourages commerce between her people and others. They want good things to eat: cows, goats, horses, or any spare people you don't want any more. About 20 cows worth would be good, they say.
  1. Ask them to work a curse on your enemies.
  2. Ask for valuables.
  3. Ask them to attack another clan.
  4. Suggest another clan that might be open to trade with them.
  5. Decline.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


If you choose to ask for valuables, the trolls will offer goods and your crafters will tell you how much the items are worth. You can then decide whether to accept the trade.

The chief trader does not know any curses, but she will offer to sell you a spirit that will aid your dealings with another group. You may choose between elves, dwarves, Chaos, Ram people, Water, and horse people (presumably, both Riders and Wheels). This spirit does not need to be bargained with, but it will depart after five years, saying that its term of service is over.

The trolls are willing to attack another clan on your behalf, and are capable of doing significant damage. Of course, the clan in question is likely to find out, which won't do your relations with them any favors.


The leader of the trolls is a worshiper of Argan Argar, troll god of trade, surface darkness, and any more or less peaceful interaction between trolls and the other people of Glorantha.