Your exploration party comes across a fascinating stone with the mobility rune embedded within it. <Explorer> senses the presence of a friendly spirit.
  1. Inspire it with a speech.
  2. Drum to it.
  3. Offer it Elmal's protection.
  4. Sing to it.
  5. Back slowly away.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


While the stone does not value Elmal's protection, other options will unlock a second set of choices:

Its spirit touched <explorer>'s mind and said it would make her more able. What does <explorer> most want to improve?
  1. Bargaining.
  2. Fighting.
  3. Knowledge of farming and herding.
  4. Magic.
  5. Youthfulness
  6. Mastery of lore.
  7. Reputation.

Options may vary somewhat; not all will appear for every explorer. Choosing youthfulness will remove a few years from the explorer's age, while other options will increase a stat by one level. In any case, the stone will express a wish to meet explorers of your clan again.


True to its name, the Traveling Stone moves around. You won't be able to find it again just by returning to the same place. It can on rare occasion travel to the same location. It shouldn't reappear at the same spot if you get a message that the stone is no longer at the previously marked location.

If you explore Look Hill early on and get the Zarlen Vantage Point event, Zarlen can sometimes reveal the first location of the Travelling Stone if he fills out enough of your map. Typically it's found at a revealed hex location far south east.(So try to avoid travelling there until you get the Zarlen Vantage Point event.

Finding it Again - The far Southeastern portion of the map with unlabeled hills and mountains and the portion of the map south of Infithan are good places to try looking. It may not even move too far from where it's first found in that area if you used the Zarlen Vantage Point event. Sometimes travelling to the outer edge of maps will find the Travelling Stone. Generally avoiding locations that have specific labels or special designated events is another good tactic.