Six Ages Wiki
  • This isn’t an easy game, even on the “Easier” difficulty setting. You don’t have to play as if you are one of the only horse-riding clans in a bronze age world, but it can help.
  • The composition of the clan circle is important, but aim for “good” not “best” because perfectly balancing skills, families, and religions may be impossible.
  • Remember that nothing is certain — you may pick a course of action but your clan leaders could fail to execute it (they could be out-bargained, out-argued, or out-fought).
  • If you’ve played King of Dragon Pass, Six Ages will feel familiar. But not everything works identically (you’re playing a different story with a different clan).
  • Don’t neglect exploring your own land (don’t move the exploration marker, just pick an explorer and tap “Explore”).
  • Exploration can find things even in places you’ve been before.
  • Try to gift goods, not herds. Herds generate food and more wealth. (And are a visible measure of success.)
  • The "Busenari Finds the Light" Ritual is quite probably the single most important one in the game. Eventually, your pastures will become overgrazed and when that happens, your herds will drop like flies. It is easily possible to lose 2-300 cows and a hundred horses before you can fix it with ventures. The Ritual can fix it in one go. With the possible exception of using it early game for a quick herd boost, never use this ritual for anything other than to fix your pastures.
  • The fewer feuds you have, the fewer clans spread stories about you and encourage attacks on your missions
  • Focus on food, everything else would be easier if you have enough of it, use it for trade if you have 3 season or more worth of it.