<Explorer> and company, exploring in the north, meet unfamiliar outlanders wearing much heavier armor than you've seen on any human. They call themselves the Third Eye Blue—an odd name for a people! This must refer to the blue eyes tattooed in the middle of their foreheads. They ask if you know anything about dwarves and their hideouts. "The minions of the dread god Mostal hide the secrets of metal-working from humankind. We have come from the west to pry this lore from their hidden vaults."
  1. Ask them what magic allows them to wear such armor.
  2. Attack them.
  3. Tell them everything you know about dwarves.
  4. Tell them there are no dwarves around here.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


  • If you ask them about their armor, they will explain that they cannot fully share their secrets with people who still worship the gods, which are doomed. You will then be able to choose again from the rest of the options.
  • If you tell them what you know about dwarves, they will give you some goods, although if your knowledge fails to impress them the amount will be very small (as low as one cow's worth).
  • Defeating them will get a small amount of goods.