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Spirits are bound to your clan, but must be bargained with each time you wish to make use of their powers.


Unlike gods, who are influenced by sacrifices, spirits are bargained with. Having a shaman on the Clan Circle will improve your chances of striking a good bargain.

You can bargain with spirits in several ways:

  • Persuade: With successful persuasion, the spirit may provide its benefit for a year or two.
  • Offer Magic: The spirit provides its benefit at the cost of 1 magic.
  • Release for Larger Effect
  • Release for Longer Effect

Persuasion and Offering Magic keep the spirit bound to your clan - once the effect ends, you can bargain with it again. Releasing the spirit gives a more powerful benefit, but once the effect ends the spirit is released from its oaths of service and disappears.

Most spirits can give you only one blessing. A few can give two, but only one can be active at a time.

Searching for Spirits[]

Spirits may be found via the Map screen. A Search for Spirits mission has a chance to find a new spirit and bind it to your clan. The leader should have a high Magic skill in order to succeed. A shaman will find it easier to succeed, and "may discover additional opportunities", such as fighting a clearly malicious spirit to increase the clan's magic, or accepting a spirit's offer to teach them, increasing their own magical skill. Finally, if you discovered Majora's Mask and attuned it to a noble, the wearer of the mask will have a significant advantage in spirit-finding, sometimes finding two spirits in a single mission. 

Trading for Spirits[]

While you cannot send out a caravan to buy a spirit from another clan, you can buy spirits in the events Shamanic Trade Offer and Shamans Offer Spirit. The spirits available in these events are random.   Your explorers may also have the chance to buy random spirits from Yanadling shamans while exploring. 

List of Sworn Spirits in Ride Like the Wind[]

  • Rune Motion.png Antelope: Lets our heroes and their horses leap into the air.
  • Rune Smith.png Anvil: Helps our redsmiths produce more goods.
  • Rune Darkness.png Bat: Reduces our fear of darkness.
  • Rune Bear.png Bear: Helps us win one-on-one fights.
  • Rune Beast.png Beaver: Makes it easier to build fortifications. (12% discount, round to nearest whole number. Cannot be released for greater effect)
  • Rune Plant.png Berry: Brings in food in Sea, Fire, and Earth seasons.
  • Rune Harmony.png Butterfly: Helps lift our spirits.
  • Rune Water.png Clam: Helps when we suffer misfortune.
  • Rune Beast.png Crawfish: Aids in situations involving tribute.
  • Rune Beast.png Dog: Helps us ensure we stay true to our ways.
  • Rune Beast.png Duck: Helps deal with marriages.
  • Rune Bird.png Eagle: Helps us in small-scale combat. (IOS only.)
  • Rune Fire.png Fire: Helps us deal with the gods.
  • Rune Earth.png Flint: Helps with ritual preparation.
  • Rune Water.png Frog: Helps us deal with those tied to the Water rune.
  • Rune Beast.png Fox: Helps us locate things.
  • Rune Illusion.png Hare: Helps sneak past others.
  • Rune Bird.png Hawk: Helps us prevail in battles.
  • Rune Harmony.png Healing: Has two abilities.
    • Curing: Restores our sick to health.
    • Healing: Restores our wounded to health.
  • Rune Water.png Heron: Brings in food except for Dark season.
  • Rune Fire.png Honeybee: Helps our dealings with Aldryami.
  • Rune Fire.png Ladybug: Helps in many disputes within the clan.
  • Rune Mastery.png Lion: Wins over bullheaded people.
  • Rune Beast.png Mammoth: Helps us deal with worshippers of Shargash.
  • Rune Beast.png Mole: Helps when dealing with the Mostali.
  • Rune Plant.png Oak: Helps us keep hope.
  • Rune Vigilance.png Owl: Allows more fighters to respond quickly.
  • Rune Plant.png Pine: Helps peaceful expeditions in snow.
  • Rune Family.png Quail: Helps with many situations involving the Seven Families.
  • Rune Earth.png Quartz: Helps overcome the resistance of hoarders.
  • Rune Beast.png Rat: Helps convince the gullible.
  • Rune Illusion.png Raven: Has two abilities.
    • Stealth: Helps keeps our raiders from being detected.
    • Steal: Steals from another clan.
  • Rune Plant.png Rose: Helps gain forgiveness.
  • Rune Death.png Sakkar: Helps overcome our own fear.
  • Rune Water.png Salmon: Helps us consider things from another side.
  • Rune Urox.png Scouring Wind: Helps fight Chaos.
  • Rune Earth.png Snake: Helps overcome the skepticism of others.
  • Rune Life.png Sow: Helps in matters with food.
  • Rune Fate.png Spider: Helps us resist disorder.
  • Rune Communication.png Trade Wind: Has two abilities.
    • Assess: Helps us get good deals when we buy things.
    • Sell: Helps us get good deals when we sell things.
  • Rune Water.png Trout: Help with crossing rivers.
  • Rune Beast.png Turtle: Reinforces our confidence and resolve when dealing with others.
  • Rune Wind.png Whistling Wind: Reinforces our confidence and resolve when dealing with others.
  • Rune Beast.png Winter Fox: Helps us raid when snow is on the ground.
  • Rune Death.png Wolf: Helps us win fights against a pack.