Desperation rules the land. A thick layer of ash chokes your pastures, fields and wild lands, leaving nothing for the livestock to eat. The nut trees and berry bushes have burned. Black clouds still hang overhead. In the weeks since the disaster, few neighbors have ventured forth from their lands to share news of their troubles. Even so, you can tell that the catastrophe extends throughout the valley. <Clan member> suggests a possible way out: drawing on the magic of Cenala to spark rapid regrowth.
  1. Pray to Cenala for aid.
  2. Organize all the believer clans to pray to Cenala.
  3. Organize all Rider clans to pray, including nonbelievers.
  4. Send a mission to petition Cenala in person.
  5. Decline <clan member’s> suggestion.
  6. Promote unity and cooperation.
  7. Rebuild at home.
  8. Seize livestock from a vulnerable neighbor.
  9. Spread word that a scapegoat is to blame.


Choosing Decline <clan member's> suggestion will enable you to choose the other options not shown immediately. Sending a mission to Cenala will lead to Cenala visiting with aid. Other Cenala options can succeed, but are not guaranteed to work.


If your clan rejected Cenala, you will not have the options that seek help from Cenala.