A piece of the sky comes loose and tumbles toward the earth, afire. The flames wreathing it scorch the grasses of your pastures and the nut trees and berry bushes of your scrubland. The sky stone lands not far away, throwing up a great plume of dark smoke. The earth shudders beneath you, throwing people and animals alike to the ground. The smoke plume hovers over the lands of the <other> clan. You can feel in your bones that they have been utterly destroyed. A wall of surging flame rises from the spot where the sky fell. What do you work hardest to protect?
  1. Cows and goats.
  2. Horses.
  3. Ask them to attack another clan.
  4. Shrines
  5. Property.
  6. Trying will make things worse.


A follow up question is asked whether or not you want to gather your choice together or spread it out as much as possible.

Choosing people, gathered together will limit your casualties and prevent random clan ring members from dying in this event. All goods will be destroyed along with 2 shrines, several treasures, and many herds and horses.