A rack of your bells tolls by itself, playing a mesmerizing but incomplete melody. Your farmers gather to listen, neglecting the fields. <Name> feels the pull of their song, saying it comes from the realm of the sky gods. He/she proposes to improvise a ritual to ride to the gods and learn the rest of the song. Then he/she could sing it at any time, making it a normal part of clan life. <Name> expects that the bells would then cease, letting people get back to work.
  1. Allow the rite.
  2. Ask <name> not to make a big fuss about this.
  3. Call spirits to quiet the bells.
  4. Urge farmers back to work.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


A successful rite will boost clan mood and increase <Name>'s magical skill. The clan will also receive a Divine Favor blessing.


<Name> may or may not actually be on the circle, but is always one of the pool of potential advisors.