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Giant river monsters swarm across your lands, wounding, and in one case, killing, your warriors. They depart after a while, but your people remain distraught. Your shamans point out that the Weeder people, who dwell on the nearby Black Eel River, have been known to make deals with river monster spirits.
  1. Attack the Weeders.
  2. Call on the gods for aid.
  3. Call on the spirits for aid. 
  4. Reassure the clan that this is a one-time occurence. 

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


Attacking the Weeders may not get you anywhere, as the Weeders are difficult targets to raid. 

If you choose to call on the spirits, you will have to choose whether to have your shamans perform the taxing version of the ritual or not. The taxing version is more certain to work, but will also cost you clan magic.