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While exploring obscure corners of your own territory, you find the remains of an exploratory party. Insignia on the clothing identifies them as members of the <clan> clan. Whatever killed them left their honor belts behind. The gnawed and scattered bones indicate that they were attacked by animals or monsters. Or perhaps they died of exposure or disease and became a feast for scavengers. They must have died before you settled here.
  1. Burn the remains; keep the honor belts.
  2. Leave the bodies where they are.
  3. Return only the remains to the <clan> clan.
  4. Return remains and honor belts to the <clan> clan.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


  • Keeping the belts grants your clan a few goods, without any obvious ill effect.
  • Returning only the remains improves your relationships with the <clan> clan.
  • Returning both remains and belts improves your relationship even more.