Your young hero Beren the Tall goes to a market held by the <Swift's clan> to see his friend, Beren the Swift. There he finds his friend flirting with Redalda, the young Ram priestess. Beren the Swift is a Rider too, and subject to the same prohibitions against loving a Ram. He says he would never break holy law. Still, the discovery has left your Beren clearly shaken. As has happened before, his sorrow has the rest of your clan feeling down, too.
  1. Demand that he snap out of it once and for all.
  2. Distract him with a clan feast.
  3. Seek otherworldly advice.
  4. Seek a suitable mate for him.
  5. Keep out of it.


Demand that he snap out of it or Seeking a suitable mate are not recommended and will cause you to eventually fail to finish the game if you successfully convince him to marry or "snap out of it." Distracting with a clan feast or having the clan keep out of it can hurt or improve clan mood and delay marriage with Redalda. Seek otherworldly advice will speed you towards the end game mission to marry Beren to Redalda if you ask for Hyalor or Elmal's advice. Seeking spirits' advice will cause a loss of magic and also delay the endgame marriage mission but will make use of it later not as successful.