A religious delegation from the <Ram clan> come to request the opportunity to view the golden mirror discovered by your young worthy, Beren. Among their visiting priestesses, the vivacious young Redalda stands out. She takes joy in your horses, which her people do not keep, and your displays of trick-riding. Daughter of the Three Sisters priestesses, she claims descent from the Ram founder, Vingkot. Beren says she is the one he saw looking back at him when he gazed into the magic mirror. Although the two stand respectfully apart, it is plain to see that they are besotted with one another.
  1. Show them the mirror.
  2. We have it, but you may not see it.
  3. We buried the mirror, because it is dangerous.
  4. We no longer have it.


Show them the mirror. You will get an option to ask her what she saw. If you ask she will give a hint and give you 10 goods in thanks. If you don't ask, she gives you 15 goods instead. We no longer have it can result in her detecting a lie or tracking it down elsewhere.


If you traded the mirror to another clan, Redalda will later track it down. She will not be able to find it if you trade it away in the Taming the River ritual though.