A grand delegation of all your clan worthies travels to the lands of the <otherClan> clan to propose that your young hero, Beren the Tall, marry their famed young priestess, Redalda. A union between any Rider and any Ram would be unprecedented, let alone one between such prominent heroes.

Led by their chieftain, <Name>, Redalda's clan will doubtless require you to fulfill several requirements before agreeing. When beginning the negotiation, what is your opening gambit?

  1. Argue that mutual survival demands it.
  2. Argue that true love conquers all.
  3. Assert divine sanction.
  4. Bring them the head of of an inhumsn enemy of Redalda's clan.
  5. Offer a munificent bride price.(payable strictly in cattle.)
  6. Offer to share horse secrets.

Ways of SucceedingEdit

You will have to successfully perform several of these choices to convince Redalda's clan to approve marriage to Beren. There are many ways you can improve your chances of succeeding. Having good relations with Redalda's clan will help while bad relations may work against you. Having the respect of other clans and not mockery is another influencer of success. If you are performing all the tests successfully but still getting rejected by the clan due to poor relations, getting a blessing of marriage from the Nyalda Marriage Maker ritual should overcome resistance. It may also aid passing tests of Divine Sanction. You might also be able to get help from the Busenari Light Finder Ritual by asking for Busenari to help with Beren's relations with Redalda.

Magic spent in Sacred Time in War will aid succeeding in the Combat oriented portion. It is highly recommended to do so in iron will playthroughs as even Heroic combatants can still fail in this section. Diplomacy magic will aid in the more political choices. Ritual Magic spent in sacred time will assist certain tests of Divine Sanction. Having spare magic points may also aid certain Divine Sanction tests.

Possibly the best opening argument is to choose:

Offer to share horse secrets, it will get a positive reception and cost nothing. Strangely, if you perform this poorly by choosing a bad representative you will sometimes cause a strange ritual event to occur from Redalda that will also pass the proof of Divine Sanction test. If your sharing of horse secrets is successful in spite of choosing a poor representative, you'll still need to prove Divine Sanction in some other way.

Offering a munificient bride price or proof of wealth, would typically be offering 200 or more cows. If you are having trouble being able to give 200 cows but have some goods, you can choose first that Mutual survival demands it or True Love Conquers all and offer up to 100 goods.(you will get laughed at for arguing for true love though) Offering goods in this manner will count as being part of the munificient bride price already, so you can give less cows, at least in cases where your relations are relatively decent. Your representative does need to be convincing enough to at least not offend the clan.

Bring them the head of an inhuman enemy will have you choose from several non human enemies. You will also be able to choose the Ram Killer clan leader as well. Succeeding against any of them will work. The Ram Killers are considered the easiest, but you will also have a bonus against your clan's ancestral enemy as well. Some enemies may still be easier to fight in spite of that.(treasures that aid against certain enemies might be worth considering)

Assert Divine Sanction will provide you with several sub options:

  1. Tell them Elmal/Hyalor personally said that no divine impediment prevents marriages between our peoples.
  2. Beren will now manifest as Elmal.
  3. A sign will now appear in the sky.
  4. We will bring Cenala, a demigoddess, to officiate at the wedding.(Must believe in Cenala to do)
  5. We will prove it by asking your healing priestess to cure Beren’s blind eye.(Beren must have not been healed from a blinding event.

All choices can succeed though they may require different things to succeed. Good relations, spare magic, magical ability, or marriage ritual blessings from the gods can influence success. Choices 1,4, and 5 rely more on persuasion and good relations. Choices 2 and 3 will rely more on magical ability and spare magic points to succeed.