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People demand the removal of <Trickster> from council. “Ever since <he/she> was foolishly elevated to a position of authority, our clan has lurched from one misfortune to the next. Trickster spirits cannot be trusted, nor can those who commune with them. Just last night <an inky blackness obscured the divine stars/an acrid rain burned our horses/stones wailed a threatening song in an unknown tongue/our men felt a pain in their nether parts, all at the same time/wolves were heard plotting against us on the ridgeline>. To remove this curse, <Trickster> must go.”
  1. Persuade the people that <t> is not at fault.
  2. Petition the gods for better fortune.
  3. Petition the spirits for relief from ill fortune.
  4. Remove <Trickster>.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


A successful sacrifice to the gods can raise morale a bit.


See also Trickster Chief.

Some notable advice:

  • "Because Raven is capriciousness and cruel, her shamans become targets of abuse during hard times."
  • "Yanade woke up one morning without his penis. Raven gave it back to him, but only after flying around the sun with it."
  • "<Trickster> keeps saying that there is more to life than goats." (Your goat-lover considers this reason enough to remove <Trickster> from the circle.)