A flock of ravens nests on your spirit rocks. Your shamans read this as an auspicious omen for a Raven Festival. This two-day revel of games, drinking, and feasting culminates in the ritual ill-treatment of a captive. The shamans promise that it will bring unity to the clan and popularity to its leaders.
  1. Hold the festival, without taking a captive.
  2. Hold the festival, humiliating the captive.
  3. Hold the festival, maiming the captive.
  4. Hold the festival, killing the captive.
  5. Take no action.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


For any options that involve taking a captive, you will be given a choice as to which clan to target, who will lead the party, and how many Bows and Swords to send. There is a risk that they will fail but come across someone from a different clan; if this happens, you will be asked if you want to hold the festival using this alternate captive.