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Countless ravens, the thickest flock of them you have ever seen, descend on your lands. People are afraid until <Trickster>, a shaman of the great trickster spirit Raven, reassures you. <He/She> explains that Raven nurses a grievance against the <Target>, and wishes to use <him/her> as her instrument against them. They recently hit you hard, which is why Raven selected you to choose the justice they will face. What awful magical trick should <Trickster> play on them?
  1. Trick their best warriors into riding off to fight trolls.
  2. Trick their cattle into dying.
  3. Trick their chieftain’s heart into stopping.
  4. Trick them into drinking foul water.
  5. Do not trick them at all.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


If you choose to act, you will have the choice of whether to have your shamans grant the trickster ritual aid. Doing so doubles the effect of the trick. If you trick their warriors into fighting a deadly foe, the <Target> will lose one in four of their elite fighters (or half, if your shamans grant the trickster ritual aid), and be weaker in the future should you seek to raid them.

If you trick them into drinking foul water, a significant number of the <Target> will die despite their healing priestesses' best efforts. (One in twenty without ritual aid, and one in ten with.)  If you trick their cattle into dying, they will lose one in ten (without ritual aid) or one in five (with) of their herds. 

If you trick their chieftain's heart into stopping, the chieftain will, naturally, die. If your shamans helped the trickster, the next chieftain they choose will also immediately die. 

If you do not trick the <Target>, expect to face Raven's wrath yourself. Either your harvest or your spirit magic will suffer greatly—as will your trickster. 

You will then be asked whether you wish to take credit. The <Target> will both hate and fear you for this (25 points both ways, a significant change), and all other clans will fear you (10 points change).


Your Clan Circle has some interesting advice:

  • "Nameforgot decided that ravens were not to be trusted, and gave orders to slay them on sight. That is when he lost his name, and then everything else."
  • "If I know Raven, “foul water” means “poison.”"
  • "If their chieftain offended Raven, that is who should pay the price."
  • "Hyalor took Raven in. In exchange, Raven said she would perform harsh but necessary acts, preserving Hyalor’s divine purity."
  • "I hate to mention this, but Raven will punish us if we refuse."

The reason for Raven's wrath depends on the culture of the <Target> clan. 

  • Ram or Wheel clan: "They found the <Rider clan> Raven shaman sneaking past their boundary stones, and slew him." 
  • Rider clan: "Their chieftain recently banished their Raven shaman for <disobedience/loose talk/lewdness/perpetual drunkenness/profaning the goddesses>."