The Rams (also called the Vingkotlings) are one of the three major cultures in Ride Like The Wind, alongside the Riders and the Wheels. They are named after their practice of keeping sheep as livestock. The Ram clans in the Valley are found exclusively on the southern bank of the Black Eel River.

The Rams are followers of Orlanth, the Storm God, who began the Storm Age by slaying Yelm, the Bright Emperor. As Orlanth is an enemy of Yelm’s son Elmal, the chief god of both the Riders and the Wheels, the Rams see the Riders and Wheels as religious enemies, and vice versa.

Some Ram clans practice slavery, but others do not.

in battle, regular Ram warriors, known as Fyrdsmen, make up the bulk of the raiding party. It is led by elite warriors, called Weaponthanes. Rams do not know how to ride horses and field only infantry.

Rams are forbidden from marrying Riders. This is because of a belief that the children of Rams and Riders always become evil sorcerers.