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A raid is an attack by one clan on another, usually with the goal of acquiring resources such as goods and cows. There are two kinds of raids: ordinary raids, and cattle raids.

Riders (like your clan) and Wheels can only raid those clans they share an immediate border with. Rams are not so limited, and can travel across the valley to raid any clan they please.

The effects of raids are heavily affected by the calendar. Raiding takes your farmers away from their crops, and thus raiding in Sea Season or Earth Season will severely hinder your annual harvest of food. Storm Season weather can occasionally prevent a raid from succeeding altogether, and Dark Season weather makes raiding all but impossible. Fire Season offers the ideal conditions for raiding, with Storm Season as a close second.

Ordinary Raid[]

The Raid Screen, with potential targets at left and your forces at right. Herd raids will lack the option to call on allies.

An ordinary raid is a full-fledged attack on another clan and will immediately trigger a battle between the two clans with the defending clan's possessions at stake. When you conduct an ordinary raid, you are asked to determine how many Bows and Swords you intend to send - sending more forces will make the raid easier, but will also leave your own lands undefended, making you vulnerable to enemy cattle raids. You can also ask allies to come along with you, although they may refuse if you currently owe them favors

During raids you may encounter various Heroic Combat scenarios.

Cattle Raid[]

A cattle raid is an attempt to steal another clan's cows by stealth. There are three possible outcomes for a cattle raid:

  • A complete failure will see your raiders discovered and turned away at the border of the target clan's territory. This will lower your clan's mood.
  • A complete success will steal a small number of cows at no risk. This will raise your clan's mood.
  • A partial success will force you to win a battle between your raid force and a small defending force in order to determine the outcome of the raid.

Cattle raids are more likely to succeed if you send a small force, and if the target clan has a small military or has sent most of their forces away on an ordinary raid. Unlike with full raids, you cannot ask allies to come along with you.