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Priestesses of Erissa, the healer goddess, appear before you in a large group, drawn from most of the valley's Rider clans. In fulfillment of their holy mission, they offer to cure your sick. Later they will come back to request that you perform a service of like magnitude for blessed Erissa. <number> people are sick.
  1. Ask them to cure all of your sick.
  2. Ask them to cure half of your sick.
  3. Ask them to cure only a few people.
  4. Decline their kind offer.

If no one is sick or wounded, you get the following options instead:

  1. Invite them to worship at your Erissa shrine.
  2. Decline their kind offer.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


Should you accept their services, you will be asked if you want to gift the priestesses. If you are generous enough, they may not return, considering the gift repayment enough for their aid. Gifting them may also please their clans, improving your relations with some fellow Riders.

If you have a noble who worships Erissa, she will join the priestesses for a season or two. If she's on the circle, she will advise you to replace her during her absence, but unless Sacred Time is very near, you probably don't want to bother.