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Orlanth is the main god of the Rams, and father to their founding hero Vingkot. Worshippers of the Solar pantheon despise him for murdering their god Yelm, and call him the Rebel.

His wife is Ernalda, the primary earth goddess worshipped by the Rams. Vadrus is his brother.

Orlanth is sometimes called the god of freedom, although as your Clan Circle may point out, this does not prevent his worshippers from keeping or trading in slaves.


Your advisors say: 

  • "Orlanth brought disharmony to the Sky Court. Literally—he played some sort of flatulent horn."
  • "I have heard that their god Orlanth is told what to do by his wife. Ridiculous!"
  • "Yelm’s son Shargash slew Umath. Umath’s son Orlanth murdered Yelm."
  • "When Orlanth murdered the sun, it is doubtful he had plans to take over the heavens. But he surely harbors them now."

Myths & Rituals[]

Orlanth appears in the following rituals:

And although your clan cannot participate, your Ram neighbors may perform a ritual called "The Wooing of Ernalda", in which Orlanth courts his future wife.

Other Stories[]

Orlanth is prominent in other tales of Glorantha: