<X>, an accomplished and wealthy warrior of the <Y> clan, has come seeking a bride. He wants to marry <Z>, a notable of your clan. His mother, <W>, assures you that they are willing to pay a bride price in accordance with <Z>'s vital role in your clan.
  1. Accept.
  2. Agree, if you can drive a harder bargain on the bride price.
  3. Ask for an alliance.
  4. Decline.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


Should you accept the marriage, you will hear from <Z> later on, assuring you that she is happy in her new clan. Relations with her new clan will also receive a boost, and will continue to improve over time. You will also gain 40 cows. A good bargainer may be able to raise the bride price. If you're already on good terms with the <Y>, an alliance may be viable. Otherwise, it's better to wait a bit; as the <Y> warm to <Z>, they will warm to you as well. Declining will disappoint the young lady as well as her suitor, but if her role in your clan is not one anyone else can fill, you may still wish to keep her close.


There will be a short description of <Z>, accompanied by her portrait and stats if she is not on the clan circle at the time. <Z> is always a noble and possible circle member.

This event almost always triggers for Ayvtu if you do not marry her off earlier. Ayvtu seems to give a greater boost to relations with her marital clan, and you will receive more detailed updates about her life. 

Ayvtu's default bride price seems to be 60 cows.