All missions require a leader and an escort. Circle members have a greater chance of success. Worshippers of Zarlen, Ekarna, or Dostal have magic to keep them safer. The Pathfinder blessing helps even more. Devoting Clan Magic to exploration during Sacred Time helps with all missions.

Four types of missions can be sent from the Map screen:

Capture HorsesEdit

If you have Hyalor's Horsebreaker blessing active, you can try to capture wild horses. Don't expect to find untended horses on another clan's lands.


Exploring lets you learn about new lands, filling in the map. But you can explore anywhere - it's quite possible to find something new in a place you've been to before. This even goes for your own clan lands.

A side benefit of exploring is that it can make the valley safer. If you don't explore, the threat of bandits or monsters can increase.

Another benefit is that you can let other clans know what you've discovered.


This mission sends foragers outside your lands to find food. It's best to avoid other clan lands. You need to stick fairly close to home - foraging missions can't be sent more than about a season's travel away. This is a concentrated effort, in addition to the normal gathering on your own clan lands, or the foraging venture.

Search for SpiritsEdit

A Search for Spirits mission has a chance to find a new spirit and bind it to your clan. The leader should have a high Magic skill in order to succeed. A shaman will find it easier to succeed, and "may discover additional opportunities."

You can only search for spirits in known territory (i.e., the parts of the map that have been colored in). Additionally, you will have better luck finding spirits outside the territory of any clan.