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The Lore Screen contains information about both the game and the world it is set in.

Lore Screen[]

The Lore screen on iPhone. This clan knows the details of Dostal and the Snow Elk, but not those of Ekarna's Four Trades.

The Mythology column is where you can read myths. Some of these, but not all, correspond to rituals you can perform during the game.

Tapping on a myth takes you to a new screen with a brief summary of the myth over an illustration. (You can tap on the background to see the art unobscured.) Tap on the button at the top right of the screen to see the full version of the myth. In order to do this, you need to know the details of the myth. Myths whose details you know are marked by a text icon next to the title. 

The details of non-playable myths are revealed by default. Depending on your choices in Clan Creation, you will know one or two playable myths (those with a ritual attatched) as well; the others, you will have to sacrifice to learn. You must know the details a myth to perform the associated ritual.

History & Culture includes a number of sections.

  • Your clan's Story Tent is a history of your clan to date. It will change somewhat depending on your choices in Clan Creation.
  • Riders gives you an overview of your own clan's culture.
  • Wheels, Rams, and Other Foreigners gives an overview of some of the people you're likely to run into during the game.
  • Calendar links to a summary of the Gloranthan Calendar and seasons.
  • Deities gives brief descriptions of some of the more gods your people are aware of.
  • The World gives a brief description of the physical nature of Glorantha itself, including a world map.
  • Runes leads to a screen summarizing the major runes.


Your manual.

The Manual, accessible through the Manual button, contains extensive information about the workings of the game.

You can skip to a section using the table of contents on the left.