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Long-simmering complaints against one of your circle members have come to a head. People of all stations object to <litigious>’s frequent resort to the legal system to resolve disputes with other members of the clan. No matter how many times the elders rule that <his/her> property rights have not been violated, <he/she> continues to waste time they need for their other duties having them adjudicate picayune complaints. The chieftain and circle meet without <litigious> to discuss what to do.
  1. Ask <litigious> to refrain from further requests for judgment.
  2. Hold a contest for the best song poking fun at excessive lawsuits.
  3. Place limits on the number of adjudications any person may request.
  4. Remove <litigious> from council.
  5. Take no action.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


A song contest can embarass <litigious> and cheer the rest of the clan, although it can fail. Tests Singing. It is not entirely clear what stat combination this is, although one element seems to be Magic.


This requires a circle member with a particular personality trait, but it's not clear which one it is.