While exploring the valley, <Explorer> and <his/her> party are challenged by a patrol of the <other clan>, who you do not know well. “Strangers, you trespass on <other clan> lands! You did not bang the drum of greeting, so must be raiders, or worse, sneak-thieves,” they cry, drawing their weapons. While exploring elsewhere in the valley, <Explorer> and <his/her> party were challenged by <other clan> patrollers.

  1. Flee.
  2. Fight
  3. We banged the drums, but you did not hear them!
  4. If you cannot hear a clearly banged drum, do not blame us!
  5. Flee.

Consequences Edit

Fight results in a fight, that can harm relations with other clan.

Notes Edit

Event can happen by exploring on another Rider clan's land. You may have to not have interacted with this clan for this to happen. (Don’t trade or send a emissary to the clan beforehand)