A desperate group of people, about a dozen in all, arrive starving and wounded on the outskirts of your lands. They speak an archaic version of your language. If their story is to be believed, they fled Orlentos, one of the cities under the vast imperial dome. "Trolls tunneled up from below. They took us, and more besides, as food. We escaped, and have been moving south in search of a safe place to live. We are exhausted and can go no further. Will you help us?"
  1. Heal and feed them, as short-term guests.
  2. Heal, feed, and re-equip them for further journey.
  3. Let them stay as long-term guests.
  4. Pelt them with rocks and cow dung.
  5. Send them on their way.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


Letting them stay - Can boost your population and result in a change mood, depending on how your clan reacts to them joining.

If your Ancestral Enemy are the Dara Happans...

and you adopt them, you can end up with Unhappy Ancestors for the rest of the game. (Even if you switch ancestral enemy) If you pelt them with rocks and cow dung you can make your ancestors happy. However, your living clan members might not approve.