The Dara Happan refugees you gave shelter to have been living with you ever since. Although they lack the magic to successfully ride horses, they have done what they can to contribute, as crafters, foragers, and hunters. Some of them even fight alongside you. On foot, of course. Now they wish to join you as full members of your clan, able to rise to elder status, perhaps even serving on the clan circle one day.
  1. Accept, allowing them to retain Dara Happan worship.
  2. Accept, if they adopt Hyaloring ways.
  3. Expel them.
  4. Tell them they may continue on as guests.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


If you allow them to retain Dara Happan worship, they will teach you to build a shrine to Venurtera, Dara Happan goddess of pottery. When active, this shrine gives you Porcelain, an exotic good which will allow you an extra trade route. Having good leadership skills and using harmony magic will help you succeed in being able to successfully adopt the Venurtera shrine to your clan.


The text changes slightly depending on your ancestors' choice to adopt or drive off the foreigners they encountered.