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<Harsh>, long known for <his/her> lashing tongue, has grown all the more acerbic of late. Some defend <his/her> bracing honesty; others call <Harsh> a bully and a threat to clan unity. <His/Her> harsh assessments might not cut so deep with people if <he/she> weren’t <on the clan council/chieftain>. As it is, the arguments they cause distract people from the important work of survival. Some argue that the <Clan> would be better off with an entirely different crop of leaders.
  1. Defend <Harsh> as a tough leader in a tough land.
  2. Drown these ill feelings with drink (and food).
  3. Puncture the hostility with an archery contest.
  4. Remove <Harsh> from <his/her> post.
  5. Urge <h> to moderate <his/her> tone.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind