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On her exploration mission to the Autumn Mountains, <explorer> sees an enormous bear. Bigger than a house, it prowls from an icy cavern, sniffs the air, and turns its massive head toward the party. Judging from its bone-rattling bellow, the sight of humans has triggered a bestial fury. Some monstrous beasts possess the same sort of primal intelligence spirits have, and can be reasoned with. Not that this one seems especially receptive.
  1. Fire arrows at it.
  2. Fight it up close.
  3. Drum to it.
  4. Sing to it.
  5. Flee.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


If explorers manage to kill the bear, their leader will take its claws as a trophy. Said leader will have learned about fighting monsters. Additionally, the claws can be fashioned into a treasure, the Claws of the Giant Bear. This costs 40 goods, but the treasure will help your people win fights while exploring, and is worth 60 if you wish to sell it.


"Oh no, it's a bear!" — particularly hapless explorer.

"Finally, the perfect moment to sing 'Soothing the Bear on the Mountain!'" — somewhat more enthusiastic explorer.

The Autumn Mountains are located in the west, across the Oslira River.