Beren, the promising young hero descended from the god Elmal and his son Verlaro, discovers a strange artifact buried in a patch of wilderness so barren and brambly that no one claims it. The item resembles a golden mirror. But instead of reflecting his own image back at him, it shows a beautiful Ram girl about his age. Anyone else gazing in the mirror sees themselves, as they would with an ordinary mirror.
  1. Send him looking for the girl.
  2. Spread word of this wonder among the Hyalorings.
  3. Stay quiet about the mirror.
  4. Tell him to bury the mirror.


Send him looking will eventually have Beren discover Redalda but will put him at risk of getting killed from a rare ambush event that can occur during traveling missions without a Zarlen's Safe Travel Blessing. Spread word of this wonder will improve rider relations when successful. Staying quiet can improve or hurt clan mood. Bury the mirror will lose the good fortune effects that the Golden Mirror treasure offers.


Event will eventually occur after the Skyquake event while Beren is at home.