Strange scenes flash by <quester> until she arrives at a battle between imperial infantry and the legendary bird riders of Jarasan. They worship an avian god called Vrimak. As with your own golden city of Nivorah, the Emperor's forces made the Vrimaki part of his empire. <Quester> must have tumbled back to the days of conquest.
  1. Encourage the bird riders.
  2. Encourage the Imperials.
  3. Fight for the bird riders.
  4. Fight for the Empire.
  5. Flee.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


  • If the quester chooses to encourage either side, she will be given a choice as to how to do so.
  • The Imperials, at least, may reward the quester for her aid by sending her back to the ritual... although they may also prove ungrateful.
  • Fleeing will simply take the quester elsewhere in the Gods War, with a small chance of returning them to the ritual instead.
  • If your ancestral enemy were Dara Happans, fighting for the Imperials will upset your ancestors. With other ancestral enemies, sometimes fighting against Imperials will upset your ancestors. (Especially if your side loses)