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In Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind, the gods are at war. Their battles happen eternally: the tragedies of the past, the struggles of the future, and the heroic deeds of the present are equally without end. Humans can ride to the Gods War, also called the Otherworld, to aid their gods and gain blessings to help their kin, though the risks are great.

This is how gods understand time, so that Buseryan can earnestly warn you of Emperor Yelm's impending murder--an event that took place millennia ago. Humans who briefly perceive time as the gods do tend to be overwhelmed by the experience, although sometimes they gain mystical insights.

All rituals take place in the Gods War. If you stray from a ritual path, you may find yourself elsewhere--still in the Gods War, but no longer treading a familiar path. And occaisionally your explorers find themselves in the presence of gods, too...

Gods War events in Ride Like The Wind include: