Throughout the Six Ages, your clan will worship many different gods. Proper worship of the gods is critical for the practice of magic. Worshiping the gods through sacrifice and the construction of temples allows you to gain blessings, while performing Otherworld rituals allows you to seek powerful boons from the gods directly.

Ride Like The WindEdit

In the Storm Age, the gods exist as much in the physical world as they do in the Otherworld, and it is sometimes possible to interact with them in person.

Each of the three major cultures worships a different pantheon of gods. Both the Riders and Wheels worship variations of the Sky Pantheon, while the Rams worship the Air Pantheon.

Rider GodsEdit

  • Yelm, the Bright Emperor. Once the God of the Sun and ruler of the gods, now slain by Orlanth.
  • Elmal, God of the Sun and son of Yelm. The chief god of the Riders. (Ring presence gives another war point slot)
  • Nyalda, the Earth Mother and bride of Elmal. The chief goddess of the Riders. (Ring presence gives another fields point slot)
  • Hyalor, the first rider. Once a mortal man, and ancestor of the Hyalorings.
  • Gamari, the Horse Goddess.
  • Osara, the Flame Sister. Patron of female warriors. Daughter of Elmal. (Ring presence gives another war point slot)
  • Zarlen, the Bright-Tailed Wanderer. Patron of explorers. Son of Elmal.
  • Busenari, the Cow Mother. Daughter of Nyalda. (Ring presence gives another pastures point slot)
  • Uryarda, the Goat Mother. Daughter of Nyalda
  • Pela, the Barley Mother. Daughter of Nyalda.
  • Inilla, Goddess of Foraging. Daughter of Nyalda.
  • Dostal, God of the Hunt. Husband of Inilla.
  • Ekarna, Goddess of Trade.
  • Erissa, Goddess of Healing.
  • Relandar, God of Wisdom. (Ring presence gives another diplomacy point slot)
  • Buseryan, the Sky Watcher.
  • Shella, the Rain Goddess.
  • Tepekos, the Smith.
  • Narva , goddess of brewing. 
  • Perondeto , god of glass.
  • Nocheli , goddess of the red dye insect.

Some Rider clans will also adopt the worship of Cenala during the course of the game.

The Riders also make use of spirits. Spirits are not as powerful as gods, but have similar supernatural abilities. The most important spirit is Raven.

Wheel GodsEdit

The Wheels largely worship the same gods as the Riders, but do not worship Hyalor, and regard such worship as blasphemous and heretical. They also worship some gods that the Riders do not, including:

  • Samnal, inventor of chariots and son to Elmal.
  • Rogoros, their god of trade and son to Samnal.
  • Erildar, their god of healing and son to Erissa.

Ram GodsEdit

The Rams worship the gods of the middle air, enemies of the gods of the sky.

  • Orlanth, the Storm God. Slayer of Yelm and chief god of the Rams.
  • Ernalda, the Earth Mother. Bride of Orlanth.
  • Chalana Arroy, Goddess of Healing.

Other Gods Edit

  • Venurtera, Dara Happan goddess of pottery.
  • Sidar Goatfather, worshipped by the Ergeshites.
  • Zorak Zoran , a warlike troll god who fights both the solar and storm pantheons.