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Becoming [Your Clan] was the best day of my life.

— the Former Wheel

The Former Wheel is a potential Clan Circle member in Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind. Born into a Wheel clan, she did not fit their expectations for women, and so her kin sought to marry her off to a Rider clan. If your clan takes her in, she will appear in the pool of leaders in her early thirties, about a decade after joining the clan.

Her name is random, and can change between playthroughs. However, she always worships Gamari, goddess of horses, and always has her own unique portrait.


She first appears in Wheel Adoption, and her story can continue in Wheel In-Laws Need Aid. Although the Wheel Adoption event can reoccur, the adoptee will only become a potential circle member the first time. 

Additionally, she has a unique perspective on any events involving the Wheels. Her presence on the circle can sometimes unlock extra options, and her advice is always worth checking.