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Three children of your clan have been discovered wielding magical fire powers. Fortunately, they haven't hurt themselves or damaged anything, yet. But the flames they summon exceed the power of experienced priests.
  1. Perform a ritual to ask spirits to safely remove their powers.
  2. Perform a ritual to return their powers to the gods.
  3. Send them to the <clan> clan for training.
  4. Warn them not to draw on these powers until they come of age.


Sending them away for training is probably the safest choice, and ensures that by the next time you hear from the fire children they will be fully in control of their powers. However, the <clan> may not agree to take them.

If you fail to convince the <clan>, or if you choose to simply warn them not to use their powers, they are likely to cause a bit of trouble for the clan as they grow up.

Removing their powers may grant a blessing if successful, but will prematurely end the event chain.


Usually, people don't manifest powers such as these until they have been initiated as adults. That Elmal has already blessed these children suggests that they are capable of great things—if they live long enough.

This event will always happen within a few years of your arrival in the valley. It begins a chain of events that may give you three great heroes, two of whom (Yatakan and Ayvtu) can be added to the Clan Circle.