Six Ages Wiki

As you explore your Clan Lands, you might discover certain Exotic Goods. These are permanent additions to your clan's assets, and noted on your trade screen. While the trade screen does not differentiate between them, there are two basic categories, which will be discussed below. Furthermore, in addition to their other effects, possessing Exotic Goods at all makes it easier to establish trade routes. There is something of a diminishing return on this, by far the most important Exotic Good to acquire, for purposes of setting up trade routes, is your first one.

Venture Crafting Goods[]

These goods will do nothing on their own beyond open up the possibility of a special crafting venture, which will probably yield 25-35 Goods when selected. Repeated usage of the same venture can exhaust your supply. Also, sometimes a neighboring clan might approach you with a deal to buy some or all of your goods; while the amount they will offer will be less than what you'd get by crafting it yourself, you will not have to spend the time and limitied ventures per year to acquire this wealth.

The Venture Crafting Goods known at this time are

  • Ivory
  • Gems
  • Ebony

Trade Goods[]

These will have a more passive effect, simply raising the output of either your trade or your crafting per year. No particular action must be taken to take advantage of them. The known trade goods are:

  • Discovered on your lands:
    • Bitumen
    • Copper
    • Greenware
    • Resin
  • Brought from Nivorah:
    • Glassware (must choose Perondeto as the god your ancestors brought from Nivorah during clan creation)
    • Red Dye (must choose Nocheli as the goddess your ancestors brought from Nivorah during clan creation)
  • Other