Antengus, a lion warrior of the distant Ergeshite nomads, arrives with a retinue at your clan boundaries, seeking to challenge one of your warriors. His people are roving goatherds who live a long way away, on the northeast side of the Imther Mountains. His priests leapt before the lion shrine and told him that he had only one way to advance his martial prowess. He would travel 20 days and find a descendant of Nivorah named <name>. He and <name> will fight a duel, Antengus says, with the winner gaining prowess and much magic. Victory will allow him to marry Ererera, Vulture Priestess of the Yeleni hunters.
  1. Allow a duel to first blood only.
  2. Allow the duel.
  3. Forbid the duel.
  4. Mock his foreign stupidity.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


A duel to first blood is actually more dangerous for your duelist, making their death likelier. Victory in the duel will provide a point or two of magic, increase your noble's skill in combat, and increase the clan mood.


The text of this event differs somewhat if you have already encountered the Ergeshites.