<Explorer> and company come upon a burning grove. Hearing the sounds of a terrible clash, they advance far enough into it to see Alkothi demon men battling a weaker force of elves. Half human, half demon, the Alkothi hail from the same empire you escaped from. By means unknown they are able to enter and exit the empire at will, despite the vast dome that protects it from the ice. The mere approach of an Alkothi war band strikes fear into the hearts of the stoutest warriors. <Explorer> can’t tell what started this fight, but the Alkothi are clearly the ones finishing it.
  1. Call on Cenala to bless the elves.
  2. Creep away unseen.
  3. Hide until the fight is done, then scavenge the battlefield.
  4. Join the battle to fight the Alkothi.
  5. Join the battle to fight the elves.

Consequences Edit

All choices can succeed but rely on the skills of your explorer to do so. Failure can lead to death of the entire exploration party Joining the battle to fight the elves has a mix of interesting results. While you will defeat the elves, the Alkothi will ask you why you aided them. If you're not convincing, they'll kill you anyway. If you're a bit more convincing they'll promise to visit your clan later, likely causing an Alkothi invasion event. If Elves are your clan's ancestral enemy they will accept your aid and not necessarily raid you later for it. Helping the elves successfully can get a crop blessing. Defeating the Alkothi in battle will also improve respect from other clans.

Notes Edit

Event can happen by exploring in wooded areas. While the exact location is semi random, it seems to frequently occur in wooded areas in the Northeast, particularly right above the Dog Hills location. The Zarlen's Vantage Point exploration event will sometimes reveal the exact location if you have not already explored in the Northeast